MARCH 18 - APRIL 2, 2017

Occam Projects is pleased to announce Alone Together, a solo exhibition featuring new works by Providence-based artist Kylie Why. Featuring a diverse array of photography, performance, and installation, the work in Alone Together explores layers in intimacy through captured fleeting moments and introspective representations of self. 

The body of work presented in Alone Together is a collection of fragmented memories, explorations in intimacy, and meditations on self. Informed by an urgency to capture and to explore fleeting moments Alone Together is simultaneously playful and devastatingly candid. Why’s small photographs and documented performances suggest an awareness of the viewer’s presence, considering their gaze as an implicit element in actualizing the work. Faced with a visual dilemma, viewers are confronted by the candor found in intensely private moments. Are we meant to be privy to these passing moments or have we become voyeurs into the sanctity of another’s intimacy? In contrast, Why’s large theatrically staged photographs are playful reactions to the sincerity of these passing moments. Utilizing a series of clown personas and staged happenings, Why’s carefully considered images address the absurd and performative nature of externalized identity.

Artist Bio: Kylie Why is a multi-media artist living and loving in Providence, Rhode Island. Their most active focus is primarily in performance and video art, drawing inspiration from interpersonal relationships and theatrical background. Their hope is to capture passing intimacies and express their sincere devotion to interpersonal expression through varying art forms. Why hopes to create genuine connection with their audience however fleeting their interaction might be