JANUARY 14 - JANUARY 29, 2017

Occam Projects is pleased to present “Is, And Of The” an exhibition featuring new paintings by Taylor Clough. Clough depicts seemingly familiar spaces and objects which are made alien through use of dynamic color, absence, and ambiguity of space.

Teetering between representation and abstraction, Clough’s paintings are the result of a fight and reconciliation with paint. The work in “Is, And Of The” is a hazy nod to remembered apartments, empty pools, and distorted interiors. Using vibrant and otherworldly colors paired with expressive brushstrokes of intimately thick paint, Clough imbues seemingly empty planes of space with a voice as loud and empathetic as the objects they surround. Though lacking figurative elements Clough’s paintings seem to suggest that we are witnessing events just after the fact; the absence of the figure hauntingly suggesting their former presence. In this way, Clough acknowledges life by painting the space around it, resulting in a lasting visual tension between what is and isn’t.


Artist Bio:

Taylor Clough is a New England based painter who has lived and worked in both Connecticut and Massachusetts. She received her BFA in painting from Montserrat College of art in 2014. Clough creates paintings involving the human lived experience of everyday spaces and layered realities. Clough has shown throughout the Northeast and plans to pursue an MFA in Painting.


For more information about Taylor Clough and her work click here.